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  from Drugs and Behaviors

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Project Addiction is the first and only book that describes each and every drug and behavior in detail.                Drug use, abuse and addiction is typically lumped together. But each drug and behavior is actually as unique as the people who use them.
Project Addiction does not judge drug use or abuse.
It gives a transparent, honest account of them for people to decide on their own.
What it’s like to use them: What they actually feel like is described by a veteran addict and counselor. Non-drug users finally get a real account of what they feel like and why they are used. The physical, chemical, emotional the even qausi-spiritual experiences of them.
What it’s like to come off of them: Detox, withdrawals, triggers, craving—how addictive behaviors function on all levels.
Recovery: The entire recovery industry is reviewed in scathing transparency. Each recovery modality, from rehab to medications, is explored in detail: what they cost, how they work, why most do NOT work and how to make them more effective.
How using, abusing and addiction actually works: Chemically, psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually, the entire spectrum of driving forces are exposed. Drug users, abusers, addicts, counselors and family members finally have an account of the good, the bad and the ugly. The recovery industry is saturated with clinical perspectives, but lacks the input of professionals who offer both: educated, scientific insight, along with layman, more accessible understandings woven together.


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